The General Concepts of Good Golf Etiquette

Etiquette 101

Step 1. Download and Read Etiquette 101

Step 2: Pass the Quiz Below (Select Only 1 Answer Per Question)

What is the first and foremost rule of golf etiquette?

  • Making sure I win.
  • Replacing divots in the fairway.
  • Safety.
  • Letting faster players play through.
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When taking practice swings, what is the worst direction to swing?

  • Into the wind.
  • Toward another golfer.
  • Too close to another golfer’s cart.
  • Down the fairway. Another group may think you’re teeing off.
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If other golfers in your immediate group don’t seem to mind you talking a lot, is it still OK to do so on the course?

  • Yes.
  • No.
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When in a hurry to improve pace of play, is it OK to run on the course?

  • Yes.
  • No.
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When is the best time to start planning your next shot?

  • Before it’s your turn.
  • Wait until it’s my turn and then determine which club I am going to use.
  • Talk about it in the middle of another player’s back swing.
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Where is the best place to leave your cart or clubs when you approach each green?

  • Near a bunker.
  • At least 10 feet from the green, in any location.
  • As close to the green as possible, so as to improve pace of play.
  • Determine in which direction the next tee is located and leave them on that side of the green.
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What is the best way to react if a group ahead of you is playing slowly?

  • Hit a ball into them while you are within striking distance. They’ll get the message.
  • Yell across the course and ask them to speed up or you’ll report them.
  • Tell them your group needs to play through.
  • Walk ahead to their group and ask them to speed up play.
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