The General Concepts of Good Golf Etiquette

Etiquette 101 Advanced

When asking to “play through”, what should you make sure of first before approaching the group in front of you?

  • That there is room in front of them for your group.
  • Whether or not they are walking or have carts.
  • That they themselves understand golf etiquette.
  • That all players in your group are ready to play faster.
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If you hit a bad shot after playing through, what is best practice?

  • Take a mulligan.
  • Drop a ball where yours was last seen and play on.
  • Search for it until you find it. They were holding you up before, anyway.
  • Toss your club and throw a fit.
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If you feel you are playing slowly, when should you invite the group behind you to play through?

  • When you can hear them complaining behind you.
  • When the next beer/snack cart comes around.
  • When there is more than a hole between you and the group ahead of you.
  • When they approach you and ask.
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What is “ready golf”?

  • The golfer who is ready to hit can do so even though he or she may not be farthest away from the hole.
  • The player who’s ball is farthest from the hole hits first.
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What is the 90 degree rule?

  • When using a cart, this rule requires you to stay on the cart path until you are even (at a 90 degree angle) with your ball.
  • Never bet money with other players in your group when it’s over 90 degrees. Tempers tend to flair when it’s that hot.
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