By Jim Corbett

Mr. Golf Etiquette constantly strives to provide the most comprehensive service of any golf etiquette home page on the entire World Wide Web. This is a huge commitment, but one from which Mr. Golf Etiquette will not shrink. In an attempt to make sure that all of your golfing needs are being addressed, Mr. Golf Etiquette is proud to offer the most unique golf service on the internet — Mr. Golf Etiquette’s Golfer’s Proxy Service.

Like many other golfers, you have probably experienced a longing on numerous occasions to go out and play golf at a time when it is simply not convenient. While at work, you may gaze out the window of the office in which you are stuck in all-day meetings; the sun is shining, a slight breeze is blowing and as the others around the table study the bottom line, your thoughts drift more to the line you would like to take on a side hill putt on your favorite green at the club. Well, at times like these you can be thankful that there is a new service offered exclusively by Mr. Golf Etiquette called the Golfer’s Proxy Service.

When you call the Golfer’s Proxy Service, Mr. Golf Etiquette will personally go and play that round of golf that you are longing to play. That’s right! You can attend that meeting or that wedding, funeral or whatever event conflicts with your golf schedule knowing full well that the round of golf you had longed to play is, in fact, being played and thoroughly enjoyed by Mr. Golf Etiquette on your behalf.

Mr. Golf Etiquette will provide you with a very professional, detailed report on every aspect of the round (or rounds) played. You will know the score you would have hit, the meals you would have eaten, and the beverages you would have consumed in the clubhouse afterwards. (In the unlikely event that Mr. Golf Etiquette scores a hole-in-one, an incremental fee will be attached to cover additional expenses incurred in the clubhouse.)

This service is not limited to only those courses right in your own neighborhood, either. No siree! Mr. Golf Etiquette offers a world of golf from which to choose. You can select from literally ANY course around the globe (add airfare, hotels, meals, tipping for caddies and a nominal entertainment stipend). And don’t think for a second that Mr. Golf Etiquette will forget whose round of golf is being played. No Way! Immediately after each round played outside the continental United States, a post card will be sent saying, “Had a great round. Wish you were here.” (postage extra.)

So, from now on, whenever you feel the urge to be out there hitting that little white ball, but duty prevents you from playing, call Mr. Golf Etiquette and ask for the Golfer’s Proxy Service. The Golfer’s Proxy Service is just another example of how Mr. Golf Etiquette goes out of his way to make an asset of himself for you.

Send for the Mr. Golf Etiquette Golfer’s Proxy Service brochure and prices. Do it today! Because as we all know, golf etiquette is very important, whether you are golfing while using up Cancun or Jamaica vacation packages or on your local golf course.

Welcome to the Golfer’s Proxy Service